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About Mike


  • Being a Bloomington resident for 37 years has allowed [Mike] to be in touch with the District's residents' needs, and his years of service with the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce as its Board Chair, and Chair of its Government Affairs Committee, has ingrained a 'business matters' attitude that is unmatched.
    — Steve Wise, Cass Screw Machine Products, LLC
  • Mike's genuine business experience at his company and his leadership at Twin West Chamber and the broad business community will be great experience to bring to St. Paul.
    — John Gibbs, Bloomington
  • Mike is a listener. He cares what people think and what concerns them. He thoughtfully assesses, studies, and then makes a decision for the greater good -- that which will serve us. Join me in helping Mike take back this Senate seat on behalf of the electorate, not the elected!
    — Barb Sutter, Bloomington
  • [Mike] is a reliable and knowledgeable leader who will stand strong in supporting his constituency and is willing take the hardline preserving Republican values. He is honest and willing to work hard for the people he represents.
    — Ann & Greg Goehner, Edina
  • For over 35 years we have known Mike to be honest, trustworthy, hard working and sincere. We heartily endorse Mike's candidacy for Minnesota State Senate district 49.
    — Brad & Eileen Starr, Eden Prairie
  • I fully endorse Mike for Senate. I have known him all of my life and have found him to be trustworthy, conscientious, and competent in anything he commits to doing!
    — Phyllis Bronkema
  • I endorse Mike Lehmann for senate. He is thoughtful, well informed, and makes good decisions based on facts. I support him wholeheartedly!
    — Deborah Dammeyer, Burnsville
  • I have known Mike through my 23 years of very active SD49 involvement and my church activities. I have found Mike to be a logical, common sense gentleman who respectfully listens and cares for others. He is a God-fearing man who loves his country and deeply respects veterans like me. He would be an excellent Senator to represent our State.
    — Demetrios Villas, Edina, WWII Veteran
  • Our state would be honored to have a man like Mike representing us at the Senate level -- grounded in truth, honesty, and integrity. He's experienced, knowledgeable, level-headed, and will listen to all sides of an issue before applying common sense and wisdom to reach a resolution. I do LIKE MIKE for Senate!
    — Dawn R Dettling, CPA
  • With proud enthusiasm, we strongly support Mike Lehmann's candidacy for Minnesota State Senate. He exemplifies honesty, integrity, fairness, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. Mike listens. He is the most qualified to be our district state senator. We need Mike!
    — Steve & Kathy Wirth, Bloomington
  • Mike brings a wealth of business experience to policy making along with a deep understanding of the political process through his extensive Twin West Chamber of Commerce involvement. He would bring common sense and a much needed perspective to our State capitol.
    — Former Senator Gen Olson

Mike was born in Minneapolis and grew up in south Minneapolis and Edina.  He has resided in Bloomington for the past 36 years, and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus.  Mike and his wife Sue have been married for 46 years, and are blessed with two (grown) sons, Wade & James, and one grandson, Ethan.

After graduating from the University, Mike worked for an ordnance firm and a computer device supplier before venturing out on his own.  He has been involved with the start-up of five companies: Remembered Services Corporation; Worldwide Marketing Services; J.F. Wirth & Sons, Inc; Precision Fitting & Valve Corporation; and International Wholesale of Minneapolis, Inc.  For the past twenty-four years, Mike has been with Ferguson Enterprises, Inc -- a national wholesaler of plumbing, heating, industrial, water-works, fire & fab products, and other interests.

During his time with Ferguson, Mike was involved with purchasing, purchasing management, inventory control, branch management, General Manager/President for the greater Twin Cities area, and facility development.  During the last 10 years he worked with 300+ locations for the central U.S. (covered 20 Sates) for facility development -- including lease renewals, real estate searches, demographic research, financial projections and justification, operational efficiencies, and capital expenditures. Mike retired in January of 2016.

For the past 10+ years, Mike has been very active with the Twin West Chamber of Commerce ("Twin West"), which serves ten western suburbs of Minneapolis.  Twin West is a strong advocate for business, and actively engages with all levels of government.  Mike's strong interest in politics was fueled by his participation in an "Inside Politics" class offered by Twin West.  While serving as Ferguson's Twin Cities President/General Manager, Mike wanted to ensure the company's interests in transportation, property tax, business tax, and other interests were reflected favorably at both local and state levels.  Twin West was instrumental in these interests.

Mike served as the chair of the Twin West Government Affairs Committee for four years, during which time he was actively engaged with the monthly Legislative Breakfasts, lobbying with local elected officials (City and State) in the Twin West footprint, and connecting with the State Chamber of Commerce and other local chambers.

Mike has been on the Twin West Board of Directors for the past 7 years, serving as member, Chair Elect, Chair and Past Chair.  These activities have taken him to Washington D.C., Business Day at the (MN) capital, annual State of the City presentations (cities within the Twin West footprint), participation with the Twin West Foundation (scholarships), and the Twin West Political Action Committee.  Mike has also been honored to be part of the "Grow Minnesota" program, "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fairs for local schools, and many other local projects.

Mike ran for the Bloomington City Council At-Large council position back in 2011, granting him exposure to local politics, grass roots support, fund-raising, campaigning, and a wealth of contacts/supporters.